About Traumatix Records

Introducing Your Music to the World a Beat at a Time.

At Traumatix Records we consider our signed artists part of our family. As such, we would prefer that you spend your time  focusing on what you do best: music. Making time for you to create your music is key. You shouldn’t be expected to keep your eyes on all of the details. That consumes your time and energy. Having people who know how to make the right connections in the business world can free your time to focus on the making your music the best with less stress and aggravation.


Marketing is one of the time consuming endeavors that can take a toll on your energy, patience and creative focus. Trying to navigate the world of music is  demanding.   It takes hard work to stand above the crowd and get noticed. By signing with Traumatix Records, you can free yourself from the crowd of artists who spend hours creating posts and uploads for social networking and online video sites. Let us do the marketing  and you can get back to creating your great beats.


We are an independent label.  Should we decide to sign you, we  will do your promoting not your music. We do not restrict the creativity of our artists. We do the business, you do the music. Its that simple.


If you are successful; we are Successful.  We work to promote your music and keep you on top. We know the business. We also know, online music stores like Beatport don’t list artists without labels.  Making your own label is difficult and getting the recognition you deserve while self producing and self promoting eats up resources. Why try to make another path when one already exists? You could save your resources and use them for creating your music. Let us provide you with a world class service that handles the technical end of the business.


Our Blog is updated regularly to help keep all of our artists informed of the latest news on technologies, events, tip on success, artist interviews and to introduce the newest members of the Traumatix Records Family. Keeping artists and future artists up to date with industry news and information is just one of the great services that Traumatix Records offers to the Psy Trance and music community.

Getting and keeping top dark and hitech Psytrance artists is our goal. Providing artists with the services to get on top  is what we do.


Take some time, put together you best work and send us your demo. We look forward to hearing your great music.


When you become part of the Traumatix Records family we look out for you. Getting you more attention and networking opportunities than ever before. Having  contacts in the business world never hurts. Having family in the business world is even better.  We can put great artists on the path that leads them to great places!