Audio Mastering services

Traumatix Records Audio Mastering services can turn your quality music into a piece of refined art. The difference between a finished sound and audio tracks that are a work in progress is audio mastering.

The high quality production work done by Traumatix Records will help take your music from fine work to highly refined work. The attention to detail and the trained unbiased ears will give your tracks the best quality sound that you could ask for.

We enhance your music and get you the results that you want from your music. While our sound engineers work to reduce noise and untended sounds, they also work with integrity to master your work in a way that doesn’t interfere with your creativity. They take only what you don’t want out and add only the magic that will transform it into a masterpiece.

Our trained engineers offer you a cost efficient way to master your music without the hours of learning yourself. Add your music to the unbiased professional ears of our engineers and you have a recipe for success.

With Traumatix Records Audio Mastering services you can add clarity, depth and dimension to your music and hear your hits like you have never heard them before!


Order your mastering for just $45 per track today